What Do Ya Think?

Ever think about scaling up?
A product is developed in a lab
It’s made on a small scale
Easier to handle and modify.
Then it’s made larger and it doesn’t work.
Scaling up fail.

But biology is smarter.
Granted we see only
The end product but
Consider the pump.
It exists in all living organisms
That move a fluid.
The heart is present
In all of them
From the smallest to the largest
And it works perfectly at all scales.

So, who is smarter
Humanity or nature?
Nature never made
An oil refinery or an automobile
They both have pumps by the way.
Wait, humanity is part of nature.
So, did humanity just copy nature?
Or is it nature working through humanity?

I don’t know.
What do ya think?

Al Jacobus
January 6, 2019


The Quality of Quiet

When I write
I must have one of two
Flowing, gentle music
without rhythm or
I prefer the latter
Driven by its color.

White quiet is
white light which contains all colors
and therefore everything
Like a chef who insists on
all white to serve a creation
White table cloth, napkins, service,
flowers, walls, clear glasses
so when the piece de resistance
appears nothing competes
Perfect contrast
presented in love by its creator
white quiet is the perfect amalgam
of muse and creation.

Black quiet is
There is no muse there
to guide the words to paper
no contrast, no emotion
It is empty of creativity
Stay away.

Green/blue quiet is
the quiet of the sea and forest
It brings emotions
that are as soft as a meadow
and strong as the ocean waves
It holds the gods and goddesses
myth and muse
One falls into it to discover
that it is abundant of idea
of unbridled newness
The poetry here is vital with
emotion and action
driven by Gaia
to be discovered and offered.
Beige quiet is
the desert sand
hot and dry
alive and dormant
Waiting to come forth
to jump onto page
and into mind
Desert is contrast between
dead and living
It appears from above-dead
but closer it is alive
with life that is strong
enough to survive
Deep in emotion that
speaks to us with hope and strength
Listen to its muse
it is anxious to speak.

Poet, seek the quiet in all of its
variations and qualities
Let its muse speak its own
unique voice to you
Turn it into words and page
and share it openly and proudly
You are the voice of quiet that needs to speak.

Al Jacobus
January 6, 2019

The Within and the Without

I look out over the vast field of stars
And I know that
This is the Universe.

I look in at the vast field of cells
And I know that
This is the Body.


Within a grain of sand on the beach
There are universes of atoms that
I feel under my feet.

Within the neurons of my brain
There are multitudes of connections
I am that I am.


Within the civilizations of Earth
There are manifold varieties of humans
I am at one with them.


Within the Love of God
There is everything
That is all I need and want.


In the Silence
Al Jacobus
October 29, 2018

The New Energy

I am aware of you just outside of my perception
Now fleeting, then translucent, then gone.

I have seen you, heard you, known you
In a fleeting glimpse imposed on my vision.

You are stronger now, as if you have become bolder
More playful, teasing, smiling calling me to you.

When I focus on you, compel you to come closer
I search for words, ideas, pictures but none come.

Is this the way you want it? For me to know you
Without objectifying you with what is familiar?

I have experienced this realm before, the landscapes
Of interdimensional energy, pure in itself without comparison.

I have found them satisfying, perplexing, loving, unfathomable
Full of the energy of potential, of the birth of the emergent now.

In one sense I don’t want to find the words to describe you
To limit you by their approximation of your infinite self.

But then I must talk about you, find the words that lie
The expressions that only hint at your wholeness and complexity.

My only hope it that those who listen to me stumbling for words
Will hear from within their infinite being and joint me in the search.

The words that point, the visions that illuminate, the ideas that expand
What we are now into what we dare to become.

Al Jacobus
November 13, 2018

Out There

Out there
Among the stars
Where organic life
Borders the vacuum of space
There is music.


It calls to us
In ways subtle
Or loud and rash
Across the dimensions
There is music.


Evoking life
Exquisit melodies of living
Both subtle and harsh
There is music.


Close by
Just off your ear
Music beckons to you
Wanting to be heard and experienced
There is music.


In the silence
Music quiet as the stars
A melody playing from your soul
There is music.
Ever within.

Listen: please.

Al Jacobus
November 6, 2018

The Wings of Time

The wings of time
move against this day
Slipping between the seconds
Cavorting with the minutes
Finishing in silence
Offering answers to
Celestial questions
That poke between
This instant and
That instant
Becoming the sounds
Of eternity
Quoting the essence
Of this hour and
This day
Ever moving
Steadily into what time
Allows to be
In this quasi slippery
Flying on its own wings
Immersed in its time
And mine.

Al Jacobus
December 11, 2018

What is it that you seek?

What is it that you seek?
Is it inner peace?
The sublime knowing of God?
The love of another?
The secrets of the universe?
The truth of who you are?
Could it be the All that Is?

What is it that you seek?
The Love of God?
The silence of infinity?
The Joy of life?
The compassion of the Buddha?
The Love of Jesus?
The revelations of Muhammad?

It is the Self that you seek,
That is like all of the prophets,
And all of the saints,
All of the angels,
The holy messengers,
The inner voice that speaks
Just to you in your silence.

It is You that you seek,
In all of your brilliance,
In your holiness,
You, a piece of God,
Hidden in human form,
Waiting in infinite patience,
To be discovered.